Party Invitation Wording

The party invitations are the most important part of your party because based on the invitations only the guests would decide whether they would have to attend the party or not. So, make sure you design the invitations perfectly, send them out in the best possible manner and choose the Party Invitation Wording carefully as well. No matter what kind of a party it is, you would need to adhere to some tips to select the party invitation wording. This article discusses them all. Have a look.

Don’t Mention the Age in Birthday Party invitations

For the children, it is fine if you mention that the child is turning 7 and you have to attend the party or something like that. But, when it comes to adult birthday parties, it is definitely not acceptable to write down the age. It kinds of creates an awkward situation. So make sure you stay away from this.

Party Invitation WordingBe a Little humorous

Though extremely funny Party Invitation Wording can be awkward, you can always add a little bit of humor to the invitations so as to make your guest feel comfortable coming to the party. He/she should feel that he is a part of your family, and an important one, in fact and this is why you have invited them to the party. You can crack some jokes but make sure that they are not offensive.

Be Cautious about Funny Wordings

What you might think as funny might be offensive in the eyes of the other people. So, make sure that you do not write any of the jokes in which the target is your guest, this might create a bad impression on them and they would not only reject your invitation but also feel awkward to even talk with your later on. So, take your decision sensitively and be cautious in what you write.

Don’t write too much

Though those long poems etc. might be good for the close guests, they are not appropriate for everyone you are sending the invitation to. Just write down all the important information about the party, such as the place, the timing and so on. But never include too much of the details, the guest might get bored reading it and they in fact would hardly care to read it all.

Write the Information Clearly

The information about the party which is really important, the date, the time and the venue, must be stated clearly where the guests would look at as soon as they open the invitation card. In case you write it mingled into some tricky words, the guest might feel it hard to figure out what you are actually trying to say. In case you want to give certain instructions, such as about the dress code etc. be clear in it otherwise the guests might misinterpret it and when they come to a modern styled party in a retro look, they would be the subject of laughter.

Emphasize the Guests

You are obviously writing the invitation to the guest so as to convince him to come to the party and not just to show off. So, make it sure that you emphasize on the importance of their presence in the party, never forget to use some lines such as it would be a pleasure to have you bless your child on his 10th birthday or something like that. Make sure you do it in a respectful manner and the person doesn’t feel offended by any of your words.

Don’t Include Too much of the Details

A party invitation is just an invitation and you should let it the way it is. This means that you should not include too much of the details in the party invitation itself. If there is a lot order to discuss, you always have a phone with you and you can talk to them via phone. Further, when you would go out to give them the invitation, you can either tell the things personally to them or you can invite them over for a pre-planning session. In any case, the party invitation should contain the party details and nothing more than that.